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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Bonus - San Carlos Week - Casa Grande - April 4-8, 1921

In Casa Grande, they were excited about San Carlos Week:

April 4-8

Next week is San Carlos Week. Meaning that throughout the length and breath (sic) of the Casa Grande Valley the business men and farmers will discuss and attend meetings, or rallys, called to perfect a strong movement to secure the construction of the San Carlos Dam, the great storage reservoir, in the Box Canyon, of the Gila river. The dam which will turn this valley to one of the greatest agricultural districts in America, and double the population of Phoenix and Tucson, with Florence and Casa Grande, the valley's commercial centers, putting on a growth which will amaze the west. This is not imagination. The history of the Salt River Valley, the growth of Central and Southern California, and other communities which have been stimulated by development of irrigation, and organized marketing of products, demonstrates that there is not in Arizona today a man with imagination so fertile that he will exaggerate in portraying what the future holds forth under the magic of abundance of water in this valley.

The fight for the building of the San Carlos dam was started by a handfull (sic) of pioneers over thirty years past. The gradual growth of this valley was caused by the publicity created by their efforts. Later the good work was carried on and government investigations have declared the great project feasible and practical.

For several years it has been up to Congress to say the word and the reclaiming of this valley would have been one of the grandest and most profitable business ventures the nation could have entered into to (sic) for the people.

Money provided for the building of dams is returned and the building up of a great country is an asset to the nation.

The whole state of Arizona has everything to gain in standing shoulder to shoulder with Pinal county in the movement to secure favorable congressional action this year towards obtaining the necessary appropriation and the ordering of construction of the dam.

San Carlos Week has been inaugurated so that the whole valley can hear a report of the work done by the San Carlos Committee of Six who were selected by the people to represent them in carrying on the work of ekeping the building of the San Carlos Dam before the leaders of the country. Intense interest will be taken in the meetings which are to be addressed by a representative of this Committee.

The outlook for the San Carlos was never better.

The work to get it must show speed this year.

A reclamation administration is now in control and Arizona's representatives are pledged and ready to do their duty. "Let's go."

--The Casa Grande Bulletin, April 2, 1921

It appears that dam was completed in 1928 as the Coolidge Dam. Whatever you might think about the ecological implications of dams, I think those Casa Grande citizens WOULD be amazed to see the Valley today, in part due to the dam they championed.

Structurae has some photos.

The online archives don't have a Casa Grande Bulletin OR a asa Grande Dispatch for the next week, so I wonder if even the newspaper folks were busy promoting San Carlos Days.

The dam was such big news, it trumped a high school dedication!

A large audience attended the dedication exercises last Friday afternoon at the local school. The short program and dedication speeches arranged were enjoyed very much. After the program the building was open to public inspection, the new swimming pool proving to be the most attractive feature.

--The Casa Grande Bulletin, April 2, 1921


If this the one they are talking about, it's gorgeous.

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