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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Captain of our salvation

The first Easter morning was the most glorious hour of history and has shed its radiance down through all succeeding centuries. The empty tomb of Christ turned his tragic cross into an effulgent crown and proclaimed him Lord of Life and Master of Death. Here at last is a visitor from "the undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns." Here is, not simply a whisper from the silence of eternity, but a clear strong voice; not merely a gleam for peering strained eyes but a gush and flood of light from the gates of the celestial city pushed ajar. The Wonderful Night with its Babe of Bethlehem is irradiated by the Wonderful Morning with its risen Lord. In the dawn of this day life takes on grand meaning and immortal hope, death is robbed of its sting, and the light and joy and song of it gild all our crosses and fill all our days. Let every sorrowing soul be comforted, and every fainting heart take courage, and follow the Captain of our salvation who hath marched to the gates of endless joy and opened them for our entrance. Plant a flower of hope on the grave: it "is the green mountain-top of a far new world."...

--A Wonderful Morning: An Interpretation of Easter by James Henry Snowden (1921)

Thank You, Jesus, for Your sacrifice, and for the gift and promise of everlasting life.

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