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Friday, April 29, 2011

Runaways and Chocolate - April 28, 1921

So this week I traced a pretty cool mystery in 1845 Coney Island, about a dead body found (!). But it gets more interesting from there, if you believe it. Check it out on my Coney Island blog!

Just one quick update in 1921. Runaways and chocolate!


Youngsters Glad to Return After Auto Escapade of 120 Hours and Candy and Cake Diet.
Long Branch Convinced Runaway Was a Lark--"Nicely Treated," Ruth's Comment.

--The New York Times, April 28, 1921

So 15-year-old Garrett "Garry" Disbrow Jr. took 15-year-old Bradford Ziegler and 14-year-old Ruth White on a joyride in Disbrow's father's car. But they broke the windshield and did other damage, so they stayed away to keep from getting into trouble. They lived on 4 boxes of candy and "a lot of cake." Ruth slept on the front seat, with Bradford and Garrett in the back. They stopped at a couple different garages, bartered for repair work, and got free sandwiches, coffee, and an offer for free gas. A police officer spied them fixing a flat tire, and brought the kids home.

The article notes that upon the reunion, "nobody even suggested a spanking" (!).

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