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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Cord Records/Christian Music on Freegal

I'd never realized that so many artists from Red Cord Records (past and present) were on Freegal! I stumbled across one of their former (?) artists, Chosen. That particular band drew my eye because that was the working title of the novel I'm currently editing/rewriting. (By the way, it is incredibly difficult to find the correct band "Chosen" online. I guess a couple members are now in Thorns Deep? maybe????). Either way, I am now recommitted to never calling a novel "Chosen" as its full name, ever.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed Chosen's self-titled EP. I am adding their album Passage onto my MP3 player for my car tonight!

So aside from them, there are a lot of Christian rock artists available on Freegal under Red Cord Records. (The name most familiar to me was Righteous Vendetta, which is funny because I'm not sure I've really listened to their music.) This post explains a bit about how Freegal works. Now there's an adequate search function, so you can actually choose advanced search and put in the label Red Cord Records if you want to just browse some artists.