The Healer and the Pirate

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hologram Folder

So I'm sloooowly working at trying to get my guest room/library/everything else room into shape and decided to go through an old crate of folders. My packrat tendencies mean that 1990s Julie left me a crate full of old art sketches and word sketches and random school papers. (OK several plastic bins, but I'm going through the crate for now.)

Perhaps most pathetic were the sad attempts at "morgue files" I pieced together in the mid-90s.  In the days before the Internet contained almost everything you needed to know, some experts suggested you clip photos from magazines and newspapers to inspire you and help you with art projects and the like. So now I have about 15 folders with helpful labels like "Costumes" and "Kids," all containing between 1 and 6 clippings from newspapers and magazines.

But my files weren't a complete waste.  While sorting through my old papers, I stumbled across a folder simply labeled "Holograms."

Yes. "Holograms."

How great is that?!

Also, I had a Disneyland folder!  (Though the below picture is from...well...another Disneyland folder I had, because I'm lazy...)

Oh, 1990s Julie, how could I be irritated at you for hoarding ephemera?  I forgive you. Actually...I think I love you.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Selkie's Prayer by Julie Bihn - latest release

A Selkie's Prayer is available for 99 cents on Kindle!

A Selkie's Prayer is a standalone novella in the world of Kinyn.

When Jedrey's selkie wife accuses him of stealing her sealskin and leaves him, his world is shattered. A mysterious goddess puts a magical map in his head to help him search for his lost love--but his wife may be closer than he thinks.

Also contains the first chapter of The Healer and the Pirate, Book 1 in the Kinyn Chronicles.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Cord Records/Christian Music on Freegal

I'd never realized that so many artists from Red Cord Records (past and present) were on Freegal! I stumbled across one of their former (?) artists, Chosen. That particular band drew my eye because that was the working title of the novel I'm currently editing/rewriting. (By the way, it is incredibly difficult to find the correct band "Chosen" online. I guess a couple members are now in Thorns Deep? maybe????). Either way, I am now recommitted to never calling a novel "Chosen" as its full name, ever.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed Chosen's self-titled EP. I am adding their album Passage onto my MP3 player for my car tonight!

So aside from them, there are a lot of Christian rock artists available on Freegal under Red Cord Records. (The name most familiar to me was Righteous Vendetta, which is funny because I'm not sure I've really listened to their music.) This post explains a bit about how Freegal works. Now there's an adequate search function, so you can actually choose advanced search and put in the label Red Cord Records if you want to just browse some artists.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healing Field at Tempe Town Lake

Every year at Tempe Beach Park, they set up flags in the park in memory of the people killed in the 9/11 attacks. It's touching and sad.

Some of the cards have very, very basic information. Some have more detail. If you click the images, they should enlarge so you can read them.