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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Selkie's Prayer by Julie Bihn - latest release

A Selkie's Prayer is available for 99 cents on Kindle!

A Selkie's Prayer is a standalone novella in the world of Kinyn.

When Jedrey's selkie wife accuses him of stealing her sealskin and leaves him, his world is shattered. A mysterious goddess puts a magical map in his head to help him search for his lost love--but his wife may be closer than he thinks.

Also contains the first chapter of The Healer and the Pirate, Book 1 in the Kinyn Chronicles.


  1. any thoughts on this? I've been meaning to get this, but haven't seen many reviews on it. Thanks :)

  2. Well, I am the author so I'm pretty biased, but I thought it was a good story. :) It's not exactly a traditional romance since the leads are already married and in love, but it has romantic and spiritual elements, and might make you think a little.

    1. This book is a romantic story of married couple madly in love with each other.