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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiny Duffy and TusCon 2011

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Tucson and my favorite convention, TusCon.

It is hard to stay safe when you are a tiny bear.

3 reasons eegee's is awesome:

Cherry Cider eegee's…one of the very best flavors of the month ever.

Ranch with fries. BY DEFAULT. (Speaking of which, it's a sub/sandwich place where you can get fries. WITH RANCH. BY DEFAULT.)

Captain eegee's! I think he actually predates Mr. Incredible.

Tiny Duffy waits for a panel at TusCon. (Note the Sprite behind him.)

Tiny Duffy has nachos in the con suite.


Outside the film room.

Can you find a hidden Mickey?

Just resting.

Inside the film room. POPCORN!

And since I'm lazy and this is a super-easy way to do an entry, more next week!


  1. The picture of Tiny Duffy hanging from the tree branch is by the far the funniest. lol!

    And no, I can't spot the hidden Mickey. I fail at those :/

  2. Thanks, Maggie! And a "hidden Mickey" is just 3 circles (two smaller, one big) that look kind of like Mickey. One of my favorite lines I've read online was "I think you're trying to make a Hidden Mickey out of 3 circles" or something like that.

    Actually...I'm seeing hidden Mickeys in my blog's background now, LOL.