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Friday, November 18, 2011

Scalping in 1921

90 years ago, The main news is still about the peace agreement:

U.S. to Refuse Japanese Plea for More Battleships; Britain Stops Construction of Four Giant Cruisers…

--The New-York Tribune, Saturday, November 19, 1921 (page 1)

Also something I hadn't heard of. (I miss the days of votes that weren't on partisan lines…)

Anti-Beer Bill Passes Senate; Vote Is 56 to 22
Wadsworth Denounces 'Savage Rigidity' of Measure; Goes to Harding Now and Will Stop Medicinal Brew
Nullifies Treasury Rules
Enforcement Will Kill Prohibition and Lead to Terror Reign, Says Senator

From The Tribune's Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18.--The long struggle over the anti-beer bill in the Senate ended to-day with the passage of that measure by a vote of 56 to 22. The question before the Senate was adoption of the conference report, which had already passed the House. The bill now goes to President Harding for signature, and when it is signed and enacted the beer regulations recently issued by the Treasury Department will be nullified. The bill stops the use of beer and malt liquors for medicinal purposes.

Twelve Republicans and ten Democrats voted against the bill….

--The New-York Tribune, Saturday, November 19, 1921 (page 1)

And evidently ticket scalping dates back to at least the 1920s...

Chicago After Ticket Scalpers

CHICAGO, Nov. 18.--Palmer E. Anderson, chief field deputy of the Internal Revenue Collector's Office, today assigned fifty deputies to round-up scalpers who have sold tickets for the Chicago-Wisconsin football game to-morrow at advanced prices without paying the required 50 per cent tax.

--The New-York Tribune, Saturday, November 19, 1921 (page 13)

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