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Friday, October 14, 2011

Vocational Training and Saleswomen - 1921

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How to Succeed--How to Get Ahead--How to Make Good


AN INTERESTING plan has been worked out by a certain high school in its commercial departments. This is a co-operative method by which the girl students get actual practical work together with the class work.

For instance, in the salesmanship course the girls work one week in school and one week in some large department store alternately. The stores are making their inducements to young women who wish to become saleswomen more attractive, and they are seeking a high class of employees. And it is the girls who have taken a course of training with the view of becoming expert in the profession who are sought for. They begin at the bottom, while they are still working in the school, and by the time they have been graduated they are ready for a good position with every prospect of steady advancement.

The complete course includes designing, color matching, house furnishing, etc. A girl will specialize later in certain types of the work, but she is given a grounding in all. If she has a good foundation she is going to know what to sell her customers. She is unlikely to make bad sales, and so suffer returns.

With such school work and such training as are offered by the type of high schools quoted, a fine class of women is going to be attracted to the work in increasing numbers. The stores realize the value of the expert. It is a thing that will pay looking into by the ambitious business girl.

--The Madison Journal (Tallulah, Madison Parish, LA), October 15, 1921, Page 6

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