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Monday, October 10, 2011

More Duffy in Prescott

(OK, so this one published earlier than I wanted, but ah's Monday somewhere!)

I don't have time to say much and Duffy is just so darned cute! (More photos and an explanation of Duffy in last Monday's entry.)

Duffy's paws are magnets, so he can pose in some odd places, like this painting on the stairs of our hotel.

Or he can pose in front of nature! Noooooo, that is not a painting. Not at all. (shifty eyes)

I believe the Hotel St. Michael is the oldest hotel in Prescott, though there may be a bed and breakfast that is older.

Some of the shots made it look kind of stormy, but it really wasn't. Just warm.

OK, this is one of those places where the full-sized (19"?) Duffy would be cuter.

This is a timeline area out in front of the courthouse, that has a timeline of mostly Arizona (but some nation/worldwide) events. I'm sure the Arizona flags are for Arizona's centennial (our state will be 100 in February!).

No, Duffy is not a Mason.

In the background is kind of antique-store row.

He even has a magnet on the back of his head, so he can levitate. Kind of.

Blimpie is so much better than Subway!

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