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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hit and Run, Hansel and Grettel (sic), Ice Cream - 1921

1920s Hit and…Stay? Or I suppose it could be a long way around a hit and run, depending on if the injured boy was right or not...

Says Unknown Owner of Car Will Pay for Damages Done Him.

Paul Lansing, 13-year-old son of Mrs. H. S. Lansing, 300 College avenue, has faith in the good will of man. Paul was riding his bicycle down South Ninth street this morning when he was struck by an automobile. The front wheel of his bicycle was smashed, and Paul suffered an injured knee.

After the accident, the man who was driving the automobile took Paul and the bicycle to a bicycle shop on North Ninth street, where the bicycle was left for repairs. The man told the proprietor of the shop to fix the wheel, that he would be in later and pay for it, and left without giving his name. Paul says that he does not know the man, and did not ask his name, but he feels sure that the damage done to his bicycle will be paid for.

--The Columbia Evening Missourian, October 8, 1921


Have you ever come in on the night train from Kansas City or St. Louis and, in the small hours of a chilly morning, arrived in Centralia to wait there until 7 o'clock to be taken to Columbia? Usually you go across the street to a hotel and sit huddled in sleepy groups in the lobby until train time.

Last week-end a student stepped off the Kansas City train, went into the hotel and found a friend off the St. Louis train attempting to sleep in a chair.

So at 3:30 o'clock they strolled over to th (sic) town. In the back of a shop on the main street, they saw a light. They knocked on the door and requested that they be permitted to come in. It was the warm back room of a bakery and so they watched the process of bread baking until it came out of the oven, hot and delicious. They bought a loaf of the hot bread and went to an all-night cafe where they ate it piping hot with coffee. The warm morsels verily melted in the students (sic) mouths and although it was rather early for breakfast they both agreed that it was decidedly good.

--The Columbia Evening Missourian, October 8, 1921

And a cute ads…mmm, delicious high-fat ice cream…

--The Columbia Evening Missourian, October 8, 1921

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  1. I read these articles without realizing they were dated from the 1920's. My response was dated 2011 which did not match so I had to read the articles again. Ha ha. Thank you for posting. That was interesting!