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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shut Up and Write

Deadlines and goals are amazing things. I haven't done that much work lately so I decided to do another 2.5 for 40 (spend 2.5 hours a day with God and/or writing and/or editing Christian fiction).

When I first tried this back in May, I thought of this as a "time tithe" but that's not really the correct word for it, aside from the fact that tithe means "tenth" and 2.5 hours is roughly 1/10 of the day. But I can't say the 100 hours was completely about God. In fact, last time it worked out to mostly going to church on Sunday and then an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes of working on writing each day the rest of the week, with the balance of time spent in Bible reading/prayer. Doesn't feel terribly godly when you put it like that, though I did attend at least one church event I would have made up excuses for otherwise, and I think it really kick-started me into attending Sunday morning Bible Study weekly.

Anyway, I at least get a surge of energy when I start toward a goal. (Happens in NaNoWriMo too, though I don't think I'll be doing that unless The Healer and the Pirate is done November 1.)

And I do think if you actually COMMIT to doing something, you have a better chance of completing it. (Even better if you think God wants you to do it and you can put it in His hands.)

Astoundingly, I even TURNED OFF THE TV at 10 last night and got in the 1.5 hours that got me to 2.5 for the day! (Usually, I get ahead with church and writing on Sundays, and then slow down during the week before catching up again on Saturday with more writing or Sunday with writing and church.)

Anyway. I don't love being "forced" to do something, but it is great to be working on my writing (and yes, on my time with God) in earnest again!


  1. That's a great plan! I love the "time tithing" idea because it makes us so much more aware of how we ARE spending our time. I've always been really bad with sticking to deadlines and fulfilling those "to do" lists that I actually WANT to do. I love this post. I love the title of the post. I think I WILL shut up and just write. ;)

  2. Thank you, Nadine! I'm looking forward to seeing what you write, too! <3

  3. interesting way to motivate self!

  4. And Julie, I think writing definitely counts for your tithe, since your developing a talent God gave you. Good luck!