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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Cleaning

So I haven't been doing much independent writing lately (except Maggie and I finally have a good start on the sequel to The Healer and the Pirate! the first book is being critiqued right now).

Mainly, when I'm at home I'd rather be reading or blogging than writing. And there's also so much that needs done! I spent a surprising amount of time 4th of July weekend actually cleaning! If you know me, you know I'd generally pretty much rather do anything than cleaning. So the fact that I got pretty much all of my laundry done last Sometimes you just want to "goof off" from what you're supposed to do. Even if what you're supposed to do (writing) is more fun!

But I'm trying to get going again. Starting with a new project (I couldn't bring back my passion for a project I started over 10 years ago...go figure).

What makes you procrastinate?

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