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Monday, July 11, 2011

Star of India Ship Pictures - San Diego Maritime Museum - 2008

This is from the Maritime Museum of San Diego, aka the Star of India. Quick explanation of the place (and some really neat interior ferry pictures!) and a link to other adventures here. And you can see the exhibits in the ship here.

The Star of India, formerly known as the Euterpe, is an 1860s sailing ship, mostly used for immigrants.

I guess since they sometimes sail the ship, there were some anachronisms in the kitchen. I don't see any in the photo (except the sprinklers) but I noticed them in person!

I believe the kitchen was up on the deck, but then you go down to the exhibits.

Some of the cabins/etc. were set up like they were back in the the Columbia at Disneyland!

Mate's cabin.

Passenger cabin. (I sometimes take more clothes than that for a week vacation!)

Writing desk! I want one.

Dining area of some variety.


Ship's doctor's cabin...I love that he got a bonus for each healthy person who arrived...very sensible, IMO.


Captain's cabin. Looks kind of like something out of the Little House books if you ask me.

Trunk lid in an exhibit.

I walked past and thought it was a tiny corridor. Er, not quite.

Immigrant family.

Back up on deck!

The sun's setting so it's about time to be going. Let's take a look at the cruise ships heading out....

...and the moon above.

If you like ships at all and live within an 8 hour drive of San Diego, get over to the Maritime Museum!


  1. These photos make me want to sit on that ship and soak up the era and the details of that kind of life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I think I could've spent twice as long there....just looking at the photos makes me want to go back!