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Monday, July 4, 2011

Star of India Exhibits - San Diego Maritime Museum - 2008

This is from the Maritime Museum of San Diego, aka the Star of India. Quick explanation of the place (and some really neat interior ferry pictures!) and a link to other adventures here.

The Star of India, formerly known as the Euterpe, is an 1860s sailing ship. Since it's a holiday, I'll save the ship pictures for next week and do the educational ones today. Sorry about the blur in some of them; it's hard to get pictures behind glass.

OK; here is a little hint of the ship...yes, these "exhibit cases" used to be bunks for sailors!

I think the brig took a cannonball to the mast.

I find it incredible to imagine the difficulty of navigating the open seas back in the day.

Pictures of the immigrants.

I wish I could go back and look closer at all this. Around this point I was sort of taking pictures more than reading, as my patient mother was ready enough to leave...

"Vasa 1628, An ill fated royal galleon":

More info on the Vasa here! (Apparently about 30-40 people died when it sank on its maiden voyage!)

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