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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Bonus - Flashback - Casa Grande Bulletin - February 19 and 26, 1921

I got so caught up in New York stories last week, I was rather remiss in missing the one actual piece of news I've seen in the Casa Grande Bulletin since I started skimming it for articles. From the typos, it appears this story may have been put together in a rush. I don't know when the Bulletin went to press each week; I'd guess Thursday, maybe Friday--the paper's publication date is Saturday, but the full article does mention something occurring Thursday morning.

Sudden Death of Supervisor Chas. Howard Davis Shocks Community

Tuesday morning about 8 o'clock the unconscious body of Dr. Chas Howard Davis, supervisor of Pinal county, was found in the road a short distance from the Jemison ranch by the Kennedy boys, who were on their way to Casa Grande after oil. They took the body to Jemison's and a check book with a card bearing the Doctor's name was found thus identifying him.

As soon as his identity had been definitely established Mr. Jemison drove over to the Davis ranch for Mrs. Davis and took her to the Doctor's bedside where she remained until the last.

Messengers were sent to this city for physicians and Dr. Gungle responded. Upon arriving, he stated that in his opinion the Doctor was suffering from appoplexy. Every effort was made to restore him to consciousness but without avail as he died about 11 o'clock that night....

As a mark of respect all stores and business houses closed from from (sic) 2:30 to 4 p.m....

At first it was thoght (sic) the Doctor had been held up and robbed and Deputy Sherrifs Cates and Mills were soon on the ground. On examining the ground four silver dollars were found near the Ford car which had been found with the lights on and the clutch in high at the foot of an elevation in the road. A five dollar bill had been in his pockets. These combined led to the belief that the Doctor had had a stroke of apploplexy (sic).

The Doctor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Davis, who reside in Los Angeles, arrived here Thursday morning.

Dr. Davis was born in Indiana, June 26, 1868.

Besides his wife and 20 months old daughter, the Doctor left to mourn his loss, mother, father and sister, Mrs. J. P. Chantry, who lives near Eloy.

Dr. Davis had for a number of years been located on the west coast Mexico being chief oculist for the Southern Pacific R.R. He came to this valley about eight years ago and bought a ranch a few mile (sic) east of here. In 1918 he was elected supervisor for Pinal county and was re-elected in 1920, which term he was serving at the time of his death.

--The Casa Grande Bulletin, February 19, 1921

It appears by "appoplexy" they mean either a sudden loss of consciousness or a stroke. I did a quick Google search on both "Chas" and Charles Howard Davis, but couldn't find any references.

So between yesterday's New York Times saga and that sad story, I found the Casa Grande Bulletin adorable for February 26, 1921. All from February 26, 1921.

Remember The Man About Town complaining about punctuality last week?

The Man About Town Says:

There is little use of trying to keep up with the Jones. Why not be yourself and try to keep up with your best self?

The Woman's club concert started promptly on time. Keep the good work up.

I heard a stranger say, "He never saw such hopeful people in his life as the citizens of Casa Grande."

While there is life there is hope. The diversion dam is coming and so is the new Bond issue. Be sure to vote a big YES for it.

--Casa Grande Bulletin, February 26, 1921

And front page story, "above the fold":

The Sunday School of the Baptist church attended the morning service last Sunday after which seven autos took a party of fifty to the Casa Grande mountains for a basket lunch. After the spread a number of the party climbed to the top. An hour or so later they all returned to their homes well pleased with their outing."

--Casa Grande Bulletin, February 26, 1921

--All stories believed to be in public domain per US Law.

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