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Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday - A New View INSIDE the Sailing Ship Columbia - Part 2

Happy Arizona Statehood day! 99 years!

So last week I showed off some pretty spiffy shots from inside the Sailing Ship Columbia. And I noted that the spindles in the windows of the displays seem to hinder getting a good shot........

......unless your camera (and wrists!) are thin enough! I discovered my Panasonic Lumix would fit through the bars fine, so I put my camera wriststrap on, put my thin wrists between some spindles, and got to shooting!

I believe this is a little cupboard for silverware/etc.

Doctor or mate's cabin?

I think this is from the next cabin:

No, the head is not accessible to guests.

And of course the place I'd love to live! Captain's quarters!

Here you can see the spindles, and how little I could see.

And, a few more cabins, I believe on the other (starboard?) side of the ship.

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