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Monday, February 21, 2011

Arizona Renaissance Festival (at dusk!)

Honestly, I've had a busy weekend and have another busy weekend coming. So I'll just share some pictures from the Arizona Renaissance Festival. If you haven't been, you should go! All the fun of Merrie Olde England without the plague, social injustice, back-breaking labor, death rate, and (usually) rain. It's running through the first weekend in April.

Here are some pictures, some at dusk, since you just plain can't get those pictures most of the season.

3 members of Clan Tynker juggling near the entrance:

I like to get shots early in the morning, when Faire is empty (though the first weekend, when we went, it wasn't very crowded, and it was raining all this most recent weekend...).

My favorite act, the London Broil. They make me laugh.

The joust used to have 4 knights; this year (or at least when we went), there were only 2. Aside from the fact that it seemed like cost-cutting, I can't say I minded too much...the joust usually has silly dialogue and a ridiculous plot, so it was kind of nice to just get it over and done in a span of maybe 18 minutes.

Here's a (very) video I took of Clan Tynker with Dextre Tripp.

"Look! There are Christmas lights on that RV!" I said. Words that probably have never been uttered inside a Ren Faire before.

And I bought this DVD from the London Broil. It's a SIGN! Must work on The Healer and the Pirate with Maggie...

Yes, I go probably twice a year. Yes, I like to dress up. No, no pictures of that yet. :)

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