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Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday - Women, Heels, Moral Gown and Equality - February 15-19, 1921

Again, these are stories from 1921.

So the keywords I used today were "women" and "suffrage," inspired by the National Woman's Party convention that took place this weekend 90 years ago. And here I had thought that the "equality" movement started in the 1960s! I was also interested to see the President's daughter speaking at what sounds like it would have been a somewhat revolutionary gathering...


It captures the convention of the National Woman's Party.


Mrs. Nora Blatch Barney's Proposal to That Effect Is Received With Cheers

Special to The New York Times.

--The New York Times, February 17, 1921


Women Unveil Memorial of Pioneer Leaders in Rotunda of the Capitol.

--The New York Times, February 16, 1921

I find the statue a bit homely, particularly as it has a big uncarved portion! There are some good pictures and a summary at this page--the site claims that the statue was unveiled February 15, 1921 (which is correct per the article)...and that it was placed in the basement one day later!

OK, now that we've been mildly educated, on to fashion! I do hate heels, but it appears the human race has survived them nonetheless. (Yes, the article says due to high heels we are "dying physically" and that 87% of women's problems are cuased by them!)


Massachusetts Shoe Men Oppose Law Banning Them.

--The New York Times, February 15, 1921

It is amazing the changes that occurred in fashion in just 10 years or so, if you imagine Victorian and Edwardian clothes, versus 1920s wear...


Lady Randolph Churchill and Dr. Chesser Assail Proposal.

Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company.

Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

--The New York Times, February 16, 1921

Chapter 5 of "Only Yesterday" describes the "moral gown" as being "very loose-fitting" with "sleeves...just below the elbows" and a "hem...within seven and a half inches of the floor." Times sure have changed.

STATE GETS $37,354,865.

140,000 Women Paid $6,500,000 in First Year's Income Tax

--The New York Times, February 18, 1921

One more for equality! :/


Get Jobs as Servants and Help Husbands Gather the Loot.

Special to The New York Times.

--The New York Times, February 17, 1921

And I think that dear fellow at the Casa Grande Bulletin had a rough week (as well as the continual encouragement to pass the bond issue, which seems a bit biased!).

The Man About Town Says:

If you have faith in the Casa Grande that is to be, be sure and vote for the new light and water bond issue.

Don't you think it would be a good thing to organize a "Be On Time" club.

What is the use of announcing an affair for a given hour and then start it from one-half to three quarters of an hour later.

Announce a time; begin on time. Thus be fair to all.

--Casa Grande Bulletin, February 19, 1921

All articles believed to be in public domain per United States law


  1. Times have changed is an understatement! hah! I think they only make skirts/dresses in 2 lengths these days... 1. Floor length and skin tight 2. Mid-thigh and just a stight. OK maybe if you go to misses or petite but those don't fit me either :/

  2. I find petite skirts are just SHORTER! Sigh. Misses I can wear; juniors won't fit my hips.

    Good thing I don't wear skirts much! Coldwater Creek certainly has a lot of flowy skirts, but most of their stuff looks "older" than I want to go.