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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you, Blogger, for being awful

So tonight I discovered that my automatically scheduled blog post on the Kinyn Chronicles blog (review on Tom Pawlik's Beckon) actually didn't publish as scheduled. Frustrated, I told it to publish.

An hour later I decided to actually LOOK at the blog. I know, waiting to check is a rookie mistake, but in the Compose screen, it looked fine.

Look how great it looked on the website!

Yes, the book is THAT EXCITING!  But I didn't mean to write the review in all caps. So anyway, the post had only been up for about an hour before I fixed it.  The problem seems to have developed by pasting from Google Docs into Blogger.  To fix it, my co-author Maggie suggested I paste everything into the HTML field.  Which worked...except it killed all the formatting.

As an aside, did you know Blogger considers returns to be formatting, exactly as important as italics or bold? And in Firefox, at least, it doesn't automatically add the "<br />" code they require for a new paragraph? So I was left with a 1200 word paragraph of unformatted text to break into paragraphs and format and such. (Maggie says paragraphs work better in Chrome. Note to self, try Blogger in Chrome.)

So anyway, why am I thanking Blogger for being awful? Well, if it had been much less awful, it would have published properly the first time. But if it had been slightly less awful, it would have published the EXCITING ALL CAPS review at 8 AM!

Why didn't it publish? I actually had it scheduled. Like a reasonable American, I set it to publish on the third day of the week, which on almost every calendar I've seen, is Tuesday.

I'm not sure what country Blogger considers its homeland. Does California use a different calendar than the rest of America? Anyway, they use a Monday - Sunday calendar. (Is there any way to fix that? It still throws me.)

So thanks for being awful, Blogger. I think. I'm excited to see if I still want to throw my computer out the window when I try you in Chrome.


  1. Oh no! I fear for Julie's computer!!! You would think since Chrome is made by Google that all Google services would run perfectly on it... not true. Anyway, please do not toss your computer. It would hurt.

  2. Thanks, Maggie! I have a bad habit of threatening to throw my computer out the window, don't I?