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Monday, May 14, 2012

CostumeCon 30

I've gotta say, this one photograph pretty much sums up the point of CostumeCon.  It's primarily about sewing and making costumes! It is an annual event that goes to a different city each was Tuesday that I found out it was happening in my state.  :P

The first panel I went to was on blocking a 1920s hat, by Mela Hoyt-Heydon, who is quite the milliner.  She made Rose's giant hat from Titanic. Using a tortilla bowl as the hat block!

Here are 2 of her less famous hats.

Some people were in costume (I'm guessing more as night came; it was about 100 degrees outside). Here are some costumes that were on display.

I had plans that evening (it being around Mother's Day and all) so I wasn't able to stay for the masquerade, so I missed a substantial amount of the experience, since I just saw a few panels, the display, the con suite (which was serving Mexican food right as I got there!) and the vendor's room.  Size-wise it felt pretty similar to Tus-con. Definitely worth a visit if you're local and have any interest in costumes!

I don't know about going next year (Denver) or even the year after that (Ontario, I think?) but 2015 is in Charleston, South Carolina, which could be interesting. (In their promotion to try to get people to vote for them, they said something about flappers and pirates...1920s and pirate costumes are two of my VERY FAVORITES...I wonder if I should start saving...)

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