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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How much do writers make?

A lot of people seem think that writers make a lot of money. While a small number of writers are very successful, very, very few are able to make a living writing fiction. I'd wager that most of your favorite authors are supported by a spouse or have a day job.

Telling a writer that they'll be a rich and famous writer someday is a BIT like telling someone they'll be rich someday because they buy lottery tickets.

It's not a perfect simile, of course--most famous authors have put some effort into their writing. Some put a ridiculous amount of effort in before they make it big, though some others work just as hard and never hit. (But on the other hand, if you work harder at buying more lottery tickets, you have a better chance of winning...) Most famous authors have at least some talent, but again, some of the most talented ones never make it big.

Me? I'm so honored and flattered when someone pays $2.99 to get a copy of our book and, hopefully, read it someday.

Don't tell anyone, but I'd do it for free. Though I am looking forward to that $10 in royalties from Amazon that should come through in a couple months.


  1. You and Maggie wrote a very good book and I read it twice, now going on three with Dalen. Dalen wants you to sign his copy and he really likes it. He likes the idea of a Healer who can fix broken people and the magic of it. It is a good read and I know how much work it took to make it that interesting. Thanks,

    Jim Bihn

  2. Sorry I forgot to comment back...this is one of my favorite comments ever. <3