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Friday, January 6, 2012

Flour Sack Dress Contest, Refrigerator, Sherlock Holmes, ANTI-Pain pills

All from one page of one paper...I find sometimes the interior pages of smaller newspapers can have a lot of fascinating stuff.

The precursor to the duct-tape dress...

--The Hayti Herald (Hayti, MO), January 6, 1922 (page 3)

Actually, in the 1930s flour sack dresses and the like were common…at doll shows sometimes they sell flour sacks for making historic outfits for your dolls.

Electric Refrigeration.

A brine tank in place of ice, which by means of an electrical instrument keeps a mean temperature in the refrigerator, is growing in popularity in suburban and country places where ice is difficult to obtain. Its advantages are that it does away with the iceman, it gives a dry temperature advantageous for the preservation of food, and there is no slime, dirt or drip as with the use of ice. It is arranged to freeze a little ice for table use when that is desired. It is not an inexpensive luxury, costing about $400 to install in any refrigerator.

--The Hayti Herald (Hayti, MO), January 6, 1922 (page 3)

Historical Currency Conversions values $400 in 1922 dollars at $5,386.43 for today's dollars...and it sounds like that was for the kit to retrofit an old icebox.

Sherlock Holmes in Love.

"And when I kissed her I smelled tobacco."

"You object to a woman who smokes?"

"No, but she doesn't smoke."

--The Hayti Herald (Hayti, MO), January 6, 1922 (page 3)

Oh, and ANTI-pain pills. Much better than pain pills, don't you think?

--The Hayti Herald (Hayti, MO), January 6, 1922 (page 3)

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