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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 1922

I think this applies 90 years later. Do you?

Competition is going to be keen this year. The dollar is going to be hard to get. Men who have been getting twice what they were before and have had lots of money to spend are going to feel the pinch. It looks as if everybody who works for a living will have to work a little harder. It may be that life will seem hard. But what of it? Life has always been hard--perhaps it was meant to be. Anyway, it is something that has got to be lived and mastered. It's the business of men "to greet the unseen with a cheer" and "to advance on chaos and the dark."

Of course all of us cannot have a hand in the big things that must be done in meeting the challenge of 1922. But if all of us do the little things we may, 1922 will indeed be the "Happy New Year" of our greetings.

To save a little money,
  To praise a little more;
To smile when days are sunny
  And when the tempests pour;
To pay less heed to sinning
  And more to kindly thought;
To see beyond the winning
  Just how the fight was fought;
To be a little kinder,
  A little braver, too,
To be a little blinder
  To trivial things men do,
To give my hand to labor,
  Nor whimper that I must;
To be a better neighbor
  And worthier of a trust.
To play the man, whatever
  The prize at stake;
God grant that I shall never
  These New Year pledges break.

--Fair Play, St. Genevieve, MO, December 31, 1921