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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ford Production, Asylum Lawsuit, 92-year-old Groom

Quick look back today; I need to get to writing!

Ford Builds 317,587 Cars And Trucks in 3 Months
Plants Break Record for Any Similar Period Since Organization, Officials Announce

Special Dispatch to The Tribune

DETROIT, Aug. 26.--Official announcement from the Ford Motor Company to-day showed that during May, June and July the company turned out more cars and trucks than in any other three months period during its history. Total production was 317,587 cars and trucks, a monthly average of 105,862….

"There are twenty-seven working days in August, and it is expected that June's record of building 108,962 will be eclipsed…The schedule for August calls for 109,700 cars and trucks."

--The New-York Tribune, August 27, 1921

Sales for Ford in third quarter 2010 were 1.3 million units.

Frivolous (?) lawsuits have been around since the 1920s.

Woman asks $50,000 of State Hospital Head
Arrested as Insane on Dr. Heyman's Affidavit, She Sues When He Fails to Appear

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Downey, of 2914 Eighth Avenue, wife of a former policeman, filed suit in the Supreme Court yesterday against Dr. Marcus B. Heyman, superintendent of the Manhattan State Hospital on Ward's Island, asking $50,000 damages for causing her arrest on an affidavit that she was insane.

Mrs. Downey's husband suffered a sunstroke while on duty, which affected his mind. He was committed to Ward's Island, where his wife visited him. On July 31, 1920, a warrant was issued in the Magistrates' Court for her arrest on the statement of Dr. Heyman that she was suffering from delusions and that his life was in danger. He asserted that she visited Ward's Island to see her husband without a pass.

This latter statement was denied yesterday by counsel for Mrs. Downey, who said she had a pass. Dr. Heyman asked that Mrs. Downey be sent to Bellevue Hospital for observation. There were seven adjournments of scheduled hearings of the case, and finally, Dr. Heyman failing to appear, Magistrate Levine discharged Mrs. Downey from custody.

--The New-York Tribune, August 27, 1921

And how funny that this was news!

Man 92 Gets License to Wed
Prospective Bride of 64 Assists Him From Automobile

Special Dispatch to The Tribune

MANCHESTER, N. H., Aug. 26--Dan Merrill, of Chelsea, Mass., ninety-two years old, and his bride-to-be, Jeanette W. Savary, of Nahant, Mass., sixty-four, drove up to the City Hall here last night in a limousine. The prospective bride when in to file a declaration of the couple's intention to marry, but when the City Clerk insisted that the prospective husband appear before him she had to go out to the car and help Merrill into the building.

Merrill has been married twice before.

--The New-York Tribune, August 27, 1921

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