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Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Free Kindle Sleeve (and a homely unicorn)

So I wanted a way to transport my new Kindle safely. I had the box it came in, but given the tiny size of the device, that sure is a big box! I could have gone out and bought a sleeve or a case, but have you priced those? There's a nice case at Target for $30, for instance, but $30 seems to me to be a lot of money to protect a $114+tax investment. (Especially when I read a story about a woman whose son accidentally stepped on his sister's Kindle, and they contacted Amazon and got a replacement device for under $70...).

So the cheapest solution in the world (per my own experience and the Internet) is a padded bubble envelope. I had just ordered a book or DVD set that came in a suitable envelope. I wanted something hard to protect the screen (bubbles aren't quite hard enough) so I taped some foam board that I had lying around to one side. But I wanted something more interesting, and figured I could do a collage or something on the envelope. Excellent idea, but I didn't have much around to collage with. What I DID have was a super-cute gift bag my former office-mate/current friend (though she's too far away now!) put a sweet Christmas present in. So I brought out the packing tape and the scissors and got to work! It added a lot of bulk and weight to the "case" but I think it was totally worth it.

Even though when I carry my Kindle I now feel like I'm going to a child's birthday party. "Sail ho! me squiffy men" indeed!

And while we're being crafty, here's a homely unicorn I made for her going-away. She likes unicorns more than I do (I prefer winged horses/pegasii only because they are, oddly, rarer!). I am pretty sure I like drawing homely unicorns more than she likes receiving them, but she does like homely unicorns, so yeah. Felt, yarn, buttons, and stuffing. Did not take long.


  1. Love your homely unicorn. Your 1920s taxes were put in perspective well. I enjoy your slant on things. Thanks, Dad