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Monday, June 13, 2011

San Diego Maritime Museum - Yacht Medea - November 29, 2008

This is from the Maritime Museum of San Diego, aka the Star of India. Quick explanation of the place (and some really neat interior ferry pictures!) and a link to other adventures here. I have a ridiculous number of pictures from the HMS Surprise and the Star of India, and not much time, so I'm gonna skip ahead to the Medea, which I visited pretty late in the evening. OK?

The yacht served in both World Wars! In EUROPE!

Looks more 1940s to me.

Wow. I just miss those days of elegance. Even though I never lived them.

And even though smoking is bad for you. Kids, don't do it.

I have more ship pictures next week! (Or if I don't have time, then Russian submarine pictures!)

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