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Monday, June 27, 2011

Russian Foxtrot Submarine at the San Diego Maritime Museum - 2008

This is from the Maritime Museum of San Diego, aka the Star of India. Quick explanation of the place (and some really neat interior ferry pictures!) and a link to other adventures here.

And this goes out to all my random Russian and Ukranian visitors. I'm sure you are not spammers. :)

The Russian Submarine was one of the eeriest places I've ever been. Simply fascinating! It's not for the claustrophobic, and outside they had a sample hatch hole you could go through to make sure you could get through the sub. Well worth doing, but if you're any more timid than me, I would not recommend you do it alone.

This is the officer's washroom. Not very impressive...but it's a Russian Submarine...

Kind of blurry but interesting stuff about the captain and his tiny cabin. Interesting stuff, though.

I don't know much about modern ships, but the Russian "watch" system sounds more or less like how they at least used to do watches on tall ships...

PAPER SHEETS! Also fascinating about how the illnesses tended to go away after they'd been at sea a couple weeks.

It was hard to get a picture but I saw 3 bunks!

One of the restrooms. (If I recall correctly, there were 3.)

I've heard that US submarines have excellent food too.

What challenging conditions!

Who would have imagined getting rid of trash could be DANGEROUS?

Just looks creepy. I'm not sure the whole sub was restored yet.

Ow! (Hey, random Russian or other visitors! What's that triangle mean?)

Yup. 3 toilets for 78 men! The men had disposable undergarments (!) to save water.


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  2. Note to self: Never volunteer for submarine duty. O_O

  3. Evidently they do pretty rigorous testing of the volunteers too. Well, in America, LOL.