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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wacky 13th - About me

Stolen (and edited down) from a friend's Facebook note:

Name → Julie Bihn

Nickname(s) → Jules; JR

Status → Single (happily)

Zodiac sign → Bah. (On the cusp)

Male or female → Female

Height → I think 5'6

Hair color → Brown

Long or Short → A bit past shoulder length (I got it cut way too short!)

Loud or Quiet → I'm usually considered quiet, but I can be a chatterbox too.

Sweats or Jeans → Cargo pants (I visit you from 2001!)

Phone or Camera → What does this mean? You kind of have to have your phone but my camera phone is hilarious--it takes tiny photos and when you zoom in, it just CROPS them. I take my camera when I'm going somewhere interesting.

Health freak → Chocolate is a fruit, right?

Drink or Smoke? → I have never had more than one drink at a sitting (not been remotely drunk), and never smoked.

Do you have a crush on someone? → Are we in grade school? No.

Piercings? → 0

What did you do last night→ I'm actually writing this on January 6, 2011 :#/ so who knows? (TIME TRAVEL!) Odds are, stayed up too late, probably wandering down Internet rabbit holes.


Eating → No

Drinking → No, but I'm about to get up and have some water

I'm about to → Do laundry!

Listening to → "The Office" ("Let's get ethical, ethical...")

Plans for tomorrow → Going to work


Run away from home → No, but when I was a kid and we came home after a vacation and found our house burgled, I took my bike, I think it was, and rode to the edge of our 10-acre property. Yes, when I am frightened, I run like a rabbit.

Broken someone's heart → Highly doubtful (if so, I'm sorry!)

Been arrested → No


Yourself → Kind of

Love at first sight → Sure?

Heaven → Yes

Santa Claus → My brother did discover that Santa has the same handwriting as Dad...

God → Yes

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