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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Rotterdam November (Revisited)

First off, High Flight Society made their goal! :)

OK, so writing a review of an album you've only listened to a few times, on a deadline? BAD IDEA.

It's kind of like going to a party and meeting someone for a few minutes. At that first meeting, you might have the idea that the person is the most fascinating person in the world...only to later find that they have three good stories, and you just heard them all. Or, you might think the person is really boring, only to realize later just how much you enjoy their company.

Or what if you have a friend who you haven't seen for a while who got a haircut? You may not like the haircut the first time you see it just because it's DIFFERENT, but after a few days it grows on you, until you realize you like it as much or more than you liked his or her old style!

In short, my previous review of "Love Is..." by A Rotterdam November was not really fair because I hadn't had enough time to let the album grow on me. I liked it OK when I reviewed it, but now I find it one of my favorites. There are some wonderful and even haunting melodies in songs like "Three Words," "Problematic" and the almost 1980s sound of "A Song To Take You Back."

And some lyrics are just catchy and interesting and kind of sweet, like "Some things you get will be with you to the grave/But there doesn't have to be a funeral today/Don't have to give, give yourself away." (And like I said, "Letter" would melt most girls' hearts.) A lot more emotion on this album, even if the situations are more everyday for most of us than epic wars that occurred over 90 years ago.

AND I never once mentioned David McCormick's beautiful voice! Now if only they would put their lyrics and explanations online like they did for their first album, it'd be pretty perfect.

So anyway, no, unlike their debut album, there is not one hard-rock songsthat instantly made me want to sing at the top of my lungs the very first time I heard it. But on the balance, I found more excellent songs on "Love Is..." than the (also excellent) debut album.

They also play a good set live, or at least they did at RAGE.

I did take a couple videos but my camera does not get along with the amps and the audio quality was so poor, it wouldn't be fair to them.

But if you would like to hear them and maybe pick up "Love Is...", they are currently touring with Everyday Sunday. Dates are on their MySpace, or below. Check them out!

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