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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rage Fest 2011 Memories

Tuesday bonus! Here are some things I remember about bands that I won't be writing full articles about.

The Kings Divide were on the far-away Carousel Stage, quite a distance from the main grounds (but near the roller coaster!). So they had a huge sign that they had had folks and/or they themselves lugged around the festival grounds. A for effort!

We meandered over there and then got some food. I'd wanted pizza all day but something didn't sound quite right...

So I got "gyros" instead. If gyros have chopped up onions and ranch dressing.

Spoken played three of my favorite songs of theirs ("Wind in My Sails," "September," "Promise"). During "Promise," however, Matt saw everyone singing along and held out the microphone to the audience. There wasn't much sound. He was shocked and said everyone was lip-synching, and that people would be talking about it forever! I wasn't lip-synching, but I was near the back and I wasn't singing loud.

During the EXTENDED sound check for Superchick, instead of saying "check, check," singer/guitarist Melissa sang, "Straight up, now tell me, do you really wanna love me forever" and the audience sang, "Whoa-oh-oh" back for her. The whole chorus proceeded in such a manner. (They also cited what I believe is an urban legend, that the parking lot scene in Back to the Future was filmed at MetroCenter mall. I'm pretty sure that's wrong, though MetroCenter did have Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Regardless, MetroCenter has seen better days...)

And The Wedding's lead singer loved getting in the crowd. Yeah, that face out there? That's him.

He also called for circle pits. It was actually very, very funny to watch most of the crowd scamper to the edges whenever they called for a circle pit!

Sanctus Real had fun hijacking a fan's camera. This footage from another (bigger) concert about 9 months prior must be something like the fan had when she or he got home:

They also had a very nice song about the life of a small band, touring.

At his service, Pastor Dave talked about how the reason Jesus died was so that we could have a relationship with God, not just a fire insurance policy. I've come to understand that over the years, but a lot of the young people present (probably 30-40%) came forward at the invitation to promise to work on that relationship, etc. Good to see.

And the first band we saw, Hyland, had a good sound and a great stage presence, with amusing banter. They noted that how Phoenix said "hello" to them was by someone breaking into their van and taking their iPods and GPS. O_O (I apologize on behalf of Phoenix!) Also, something along the lines of, "How many of you are wearing sunglasses? 60%? You know what they're wearing in Minnesota? SNOWSHOES. And they're fighting polar bears." Good stuff. They recently got signed by Tooth and Nail's hoping Air1 picks them up.

And here's a lousy video I took, a.k.a. Hyland tries to teach Julie how to use the video camera in her camera. Apologies for the video, sound, and otherwise horrid quality!

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