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Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Blogger

So those who follow my blog may recall that Blogger recently made me want to throw my computer out the window.

What's odd is that shortly after I did all that complaining, and shortly after I wrote a sternly-worded bug report to Blogger, the "Switch to Old Blogger" option randomly seemed to appear in my settings. I admit, maybe it was a coincidence, and maybe the option was always there (though I really thought Blogger had said "Old Blogger is gone forever and you can never have it back"). Maybe Google has an automatic logarithm to figure out how upset someone is when they submit a bug report--or just looks for words like "revert" and "old version" and then gives that option. Or maybe it's just a blessing that either came when I needed it, or when I opened my eyes to it. Whatever it was, I'm grateful.

Anyway, for now, blogging is fun again! Yes, I know someday Google will switch to new Blogger, but hopefully by then it will be a little more functional!

(EDIT: As I submitted this post, I got a "Conflicting Edits" error, even though I only have one Blogger window open anywhere. Oh, Blogger. Up to your old tricks again, I see!)

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