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Friday, September 2, 2011

Work, Work, Work, Bible Quotation, Racist Ad, Sugar-Coated Chewing Gum

Not sure how I feel about Tulsa this week...

'Work, Work, Work!' is Davis Panacea for Depression in Proclamation on Labor Day

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4--Secretary James J. Davis of the department of labor called upon everybody to work for the general good in a Labor day statement. He said in part:

"This nation has become the greatest of all producing nations. It has become so great because it works--because it always has worked.

Work for Prosperity.

"Just now we are in the depths of a depression. Everybody is interested in the way out, and we have made up our minds that the way to prosperity is to work. Just now work is more important to us than anything else.

"Labor day this year calls everybody to work. And there never was a day when work--a new kind of work--was more plentiful than it is in the day of widespread unemployment, as now.

"The work to be done is to improve the present situation.

"The business leader must work to start the wheels of industry going again and bid farewell to wartime profits.

Goodbye to Demands.

"The toiler must work among his kind, for the creation of a spirit willing to bid goodbye to unreasonable demands.

"The bankers must work to provide credits for the re-establishment of business. The skilled engineer must work to cut down costs.

"There is that kind of work for every man, woman and child in the country.

"Labor day used to be thought of only as laborers' day.

"From now on, it is everybody's day.

"No man prospers unless his nation prospers with him. That is why Labor day this year takes on this new significance. This year it is no idle holiday. It should be a day of dedication for everybody, for the good of the nation."

--The Morning Tulsa Daily World, September 5, 1921

Daily Bible quotations...that's good, right? Although they verse is 8 words long, followed by a long poem...

Daily Biblical Quotation

September 5.

O Lord, I am oppressed, undertake for me.
--Isa. xxxviii. 14.

Being perplexed, I say
  Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to Thee,
  Darkness is light.
I am afraid to touch
  Things that involve so much;--
        My trembling hand may shake,
        My skilless hand may break;
        Thine can make no mitake.

       --Anna B. Warner.

--The Morning Tulsa Daily World, September 5, 1921

I'm not sure if mitake is an old-timey word, or if they actually misspelled mistake.

In the category of jaw-droppingly horrible... Only 90 years ago! Yes, page 5 actually has an ad saying:

Spectacle Johnnie Says
The Ku-Klux Klan
can clean Tulsa of hijackers and bootleggers and he believes they mean to do it, for it is said every seven out of 10 are men of families and taxpayers, but there is one thing they can't do, they can't buy high grade guaranteed ground lenses any size shape or style lenses desired in 10-year guaranteed frames, any style desired complete spectacles or eyeglasses, either reading or distant vision, at only $5.00…

--The Morning Tulsa Daily World, September 5, 1921

I can't believe they printed that.

No eye wash, but here's an attractive ad to clean out your mouth.

Wrigley's Peppermint Sugar Coated Gum

--The Morning Tulsa Daily World, September 5, 1921

"PK" appears to be for Philip K. Wrigley. And yes, they do recommend chewing sugar-coated gum after meals to prevent cavities.

Great photo of the wrapper on Flickr.

I'm not sure long it was called "P-K", but I saw an ad from around 1927 showing Spearmint gum in sugar-coated form too, in or around 1927 (this time, a penny for 4 pieces, instead of a nickel for 10).

Now it's available in Australia!

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