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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tiny Bit of Prescott History

So over Labor Day weekend my mom and I went to Prescott, Arizona. She would take my brother and I up there (sometimes with my dad, often not) regularly when we were younger and we liked it as a small town getaway.

We didn't have that much in mind this trip. One thing I wanted to do was see the Fort Whipple museum (the Sharlot Hall one is great but we'd seen it not that long ago). I had checked the website a week in advance and confirmed the only day of our trip the Fort Whipple Museum would be open was Saturday. Fine. We could go there right when we arrived in Prescott.

At Fort Whipple there was some construction going on, covering some of the already weak signage. We FINALLY made it to the site of the museum…and it was closed.

We did pass Miller Valley School…I love old buildings, though apparently the part built in 1916 was just two rooms (!).  Also pictured, my pants, through an impressive Pepper's Ghost effect.

Speaking of ghosts, I was thinking about how parts of Prescott aren't as I remembered them.

We went to this store when it was a Coronet (or is it Cornet?) five-and-dime type store. Amazing that back around World War II these kinds of stores were popular and now even the Internet isn't sure how to spell its name.

Looking out from the parking garage. Back when we used to frequent Prescott there was no parking garage. I actually remember signing a petition against a parking garage, but I'm not sure it was this one (at least, this one doesn't look as obtrusive as the one they were portraying towering over Prescott in the petition!)

The elevator was very slow. Is this not a crazy sign? (And you know it is there because someone did it.)

We did not eat at the Firehouse Kitchen but I found their railing adorable.

There was a craft fair type thing going on at the Square.

Close on the courthouse. (I think this is one of the reasons Back to the Future was so popular and iconic…so many small towns have courthouses like this one.)

If I recall correctly, that store on the very left used to be "The Cat's Meow," which sold knick-knacks and fudge. They had a big room in the back full of Christmas items. The trips we'd taken a few years back, they had "Going Out of Business" sale signs up…for probably more than a year! Finally, though, it appears they gave up.

To the right of that is Bashford Courts. It used to be a general store, I believe, WAY back in the day (like before my parents were born). I'm not quite sure what it was when I was growing up--not stores, I don't think, unless maybe just the ground floor was stores. Now it is like a tiny mall. I guess the elevator is a Dover? I don't think it's terribly old, though.

The building right at the corner used to be a wonderful Family Christian Bookstore. Now it's a real estate office. There's a plaque around there that shows it also used to be gorgeous brick instead of stucco. Argh!

So we ate at the Prescott Brewing Company and saw an interesting crew walk by. I didn't get pictures until they were across the street and hard to see. Though actually, that may be for the best. They made me think of a green bodysuited man I saw in Florida when I visited Maggie.

I love pressed pennies! I thought all three of those were pretty homely, actually, but here is my thumb holding Thumb Butte. Ha!

There are some unexpected details in Prescott, like tin ceilings. Almost certain this is the Raven Cafe, where Mom stopped to get some water.

Not certain this one is historic or not. Per a site that sells tin ceilings , they were made to be an easily-transportable way to mimic plaster ceilings that were so popular in Europe, and it seems they often painted/etc. to look like the ceilings they were trying to emulate.

Very cool at any rate!

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