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Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Music! The Almost, Manafest, The Letter Black

OK, I quickly found that I am in fact terrible at writing music reviews. But, I'm not too bad at linking to free stuff.

Manafest from RAGE 2011.

At least 15 free songs at Tooth and Nail's site. Ones you may already know include "Hands" by The Almost, "Hanging On By a Thread" by The Letter Black, and "No Plan B" from Manafest. (I have "The Chase" by Manafest and if you like their radio songs, I think you'll probably like the album overall, by the way.)

You might find something else you like, too. My favorite of the songs I had never heard before was "The Hope That Lies in You" by The Glorious Unseen. I'm always partial to church bells, though.

Check it out!

(Edited to fix headline typo. I mean, I meant to put in that typo to grab search engine traffic when people mistype.... Yeees... ::shifty eyes::)

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