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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enchilada, Miscommunication and 2.5 for 40 update

Thought this story was kind of funny.

For lunch Tuesday, I had a Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza. What is that, exactly? Google says that "Suiza" refers to the creamy sauce...but it also says "Suiza" means "Switzerland." Swiss Chicken Enchilada? Really?

Note to self, ask Spanish speaker for translation before purchasing low-priced, suspicious-sounding "Mexican" food made by a company from Switzerland. (To be honest, I've eaten worse, though. 2.5/5 stars.)

Anyway, you have to cook it for 9 minutes at 50% power. Those instructions worried me--I struggle to tell that microwave to cook for any time that doesn't end with :00 or :30. So I tried to hit power level, and the microwave said no, I needed to choose the time first. After an error or two I managed to enter the time of 9 minutes and got to the power level entry screen. I entered 5.

What did it say?


I'd evidently done something wrong, but at least it was politely asking me to input the power level, please. So I hit 5 again. Nothing happened, and it just flashed at me. I gave up and hit start, with no idea if it would turn my food to ash or what.

Even after I hit start, it STILL said PLS!

Only then did I realize the microwave wasn't being polite. It was displaying Power Level 5 (PL5).

So if I ever say something stupid or offend you, I apologize in advance. The microwave and I don't even understand each other, and I don't understand my lunch.  And people are a lot more confusing than machines and frozen meals.

Onward! To my surprise and delight, my 2.5 for 40 is actually going well, thank God! I worked pretty hard last weekend, especially Saturday (8 hours of writing and planning!). By Sunday I was caught up. It's hard for me to make the time to work during the week, even though 2.5 hours isn't really that much--it's still a big chunk of my time once I get home.

Totaled, up through 10:30 PM Tuesday, I've got 14.5 hours on Chosen/Bonnie Greenfield, Priestess of Plants/whatever that WIP is going to be titled, and 18.5 hours (!!!) on Kinyn/The Healer and the Pirate. Have also been more conscientious about my prayer and Bible reading time. For 17 days, I should have 42.5 hours and I've got 43.75 hours. I'm actually AHEAD...and trying to get farther ahead. I've got a few family get-togethers and the like in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to put in a lot more work this weekend too, to get ahead for those things that might come up later. (Like not having any time to write during lunch this Wednesday. Little things like that tend to throw me off.)

I'm not sure it's quite accurate to call the 2.5/40 a "tithe" per se, except in the sense that "tithe" means "tenth." I'm spending most of the time working on things that, eventually, might earn me a small amount of money. But it is still really refreshing to have this time devoted to accomplishing things that I think matter to God.

When I'm through the 40 days, I'll compare it to NaNoWriMo.


  1. What is NaMoWriMo ? If you get your microwave figured you can set our sprinkler system. Love , Dad

  2. NaNoWriMo is writing a novel (50,000 words) in 30 days.

    Let me at the sprinkler system! I will whisper sweet words to it. (Is it smarter or dumber than my cell phone? Because I suspect my phone is too smart for me.)