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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheap Chocolate, 1920s Henna Shampoo, Women Circus

Business Girls Plan Novel Attraction for Two Nights in April.

A circus is a thing for their annual public performance, the Business Women's club council of the Y. W. C. A. has decided, so circus it is to be, sometime early in April. The council members, following their meeting this week, took back word to the 20 clubs of which they are members and asked that they begin preparation at once for their individual parts.

The circus will be given in the Y. W. C. A. building two nights in succession and admission charges will send a delegation of business women to the annual city conference at Estes park, Colorado. Last year the proceeds from the hippodrome performance sent to Estes park a delegation which proved to be one of the largest at the conference. Traditional circus stunts will be performed by the clubs and booths conducted. The clubs range in character from the women employes of oil companies and bankers to a department store and switchboard operators.

--Morning Tulsa Daily World, Saturday, February 4, 1922 (page 2)
And these prices are making me pretty seriously jealous.

--Morning Tulsa Daily World, Saturday, February 4, 1922 (page 2)

29 cents for a half pound of Hershey's chocolate? Fairy food sounds pretty good…midwesterners, is it?

Of course, the same page noted that union mine motormen made $8.49 per an eight-hour day, while nonunion ones made $4.80. Per DAY! So I guess it's not that cheap after all. (Though fairy food has gotten much more expensive anyway!)

Also note the henna shampoo; that surprised me, as I thought it was pretty modern.

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