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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday bonus - Adding Facebook and stuff

So you may have noticed that over the weekend I installed a couple widgets over to the right, and like buttons! I hope no one feels like the widgets are any sort of invasion of privacy; if you do, let me know. Frankly I do not like the widgets that show your Facebook profile picture to everyone who visits the page (like the NetworkedBlogs default). That's why I have that sad little text link to NetworkedBlogs way at the bottom, and why the Facebook link doesn't show pictures of my followers either. The Google one does because that's pretty standard, because you can change the photo to anything you like before you follow and that's what will show up, and because it's very easy to follow privately if you want to. (I'd love you to follow publicly but I understand if you don't want to!)

Also, I set up some automation to my blog so that it will automatically post on Twitter and Facebook when I update.

Also, did you know I have some blog entries scheduled to upload the future? So assuming Blogger doesn't glitch, if something were to happen to me (God forbid), my blog would keep updating for a bit after. Creepy stuff.

The pages I used are from

Like button

Make your blog work on mobile browsers

Upload blog updates to Facebook automatically (via NettworkedBlogs)

(for future use) Add tagged posts to your custom tabs/pages


  1. ::clicks on a bunch of stuff:: hah.

    Which widgets did you use by the way? The one I used for the "likes" didn't work. And neither did the one for posting. It just wants me to blog about whatever page I am on. I fail. ;)

  2. I used the same ones I linked to you. I did realize belatedly that I should have added in links to my cool toys. :#/ I'm editing!